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Apple Mac & Windows PC Data recovery

Data Rescue MDs has over a decade of experience recovering data from all types of Apple Macs and Windows PCs from all manufacturers whether they contain hard disk drives or solid state drives.  We have the proven expertise to recover client data from either platform. We recover all versions of Windows and Mac file systems including APFS and failed Fusion Drives and any other storage device used with PCs and Macs, including the Time Capsule, Time Machine and more.  Whether it is a hard drive, solid state drive, Fusion drive arrangement, external USB hard drive, Flash drive, or SD Card that stores data for your PC or Apple device, we can recover your folders/files structure that will look exactly as they were prior to data loss. Contact us now to start your data recovery evaluation!

Your iMac, MacBook or PC might fail because of a hardware malfunction or human error (dropped, spills or extreme conditions). In most cases, the device fails unexpectedly or the user fails to recognize or act on the warning signs. Whatever the reason for the failure, suddenly you may find yourself in need of professional help to recover your data! Contact Data Rescue MDs now to start your data recovery evaluation!

Peculiarities with MAC OS X Based Devices

Apple has used a variety of operating systems and file systems over the life of its devices with APFS being the latest file system adopted. It is common for Apple to use library packages to make data easier to use; the Photos library is an example of a package of intricately organized folders and meta data combined to make organization and access easier for the end-user. Data Rescue MDs data recovery specialists understand these intricacies and perform a comprehensive recovery that preserves these libraries and all the data contained in them to restore your digital life in the most convenient way possible! Contact Data Rescue MDs now to start your data recovery evaluation!

Typical Apple Mac devices

  • iMac
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac Mini
  • MacBook
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • Time Capsule
  • Time Machine
  • Fusion Drives
Apple Products

Peculiarities with PC Based Devices

Microsoft Surface and other manufacturers are increasingly using embedded SSDs. SSD (storage chips) and storage control devices are soldered directly to the main logic board making this a very complex recovery in which normally one or more BGA devices comprise the SSD storage. These devices, in many cases need to be carefully extracted, reballed, and recovered in a very controlled environment to provide a high probability of recovery. To complicate matters the storage is normally encrypted with BitLocker on the Surface Pro, which must be decrypted to successfully recover data. Data Rescue MDs specialists with our dedicated SSD recovery environment successfully recover embedded SSDs as well.

Typical Windows PC devices

  • Acer
  • Asus
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Samsung
  • Toshiba
  • Lenovo
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Xbox



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    RAID Server/NAS

    Data Rescue MDs specializes in recovery of critical business data and VMs from RAID/NAS and Drobo data storage systems using state-of-the-art equipment, processes and expertise.

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  • services-red-icon-hard-drives

    Hard Drives

    Our data recovery specialists are fully equipped to recover data from any type of internal or external hard drive, including damaged hard drives requiring clean room services.

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    Solid State Drives

    Data Rescue MDs SSD data recovery engineers use specialized tools, techniques and expertise to accomplish high SSD data recovery
    success rates.

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    Data Rescue MDs have been successfully recovering data from failed iMACS, PCs and all file systems for over a decade.

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    USB Flash/SD Cards

    We recover data and photos from most SD, micro-SD, XQD CF Cards and USB Flash Drives using micro soldering and specialized tools.

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    Mobile Devices

    Our engineers are very successful in recovering data from all types of liquid damaged and physically damaged mobile devices.

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Data Rescue MDs is a gift from God! They were able to restore all of my thousands of photos and videos of family, friends and work, and all my business documentation that got lost when my computer and hard drive crashed. They are very professional and kind. I highly recommend them. The computer repair shop recommended Data Rescue MD for my “almost lost cause” hard drive. I am eternally grateful!

Maureen B.

WOW!! Data Rescue MDs is a lifesaver! I accidentally washed my MacBook in the washing machine & Data Rescue MDs saved all of my data & quickly! I would highly recommend Data Rescue MDs to anyone who has a damaged device or who has lost any data!

Karigan K.