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Need data recovered from a damaged iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows mobile device? Data Rescue MDs successfully performs these complex recoveries with extensive experience performing data recovery from iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows mobile OS devices that have suffered catastrophic data loss due to liquid damage, physical damage or when they are “dead”. We successfully perform data recovery on these devices working at the logic board level or by chip-off recovery processing on older models. Data Rescue MDs has routinely recovered data from iOS, Android and Windows Mobile OS devices when others thought the data was lost forever. Call Data Rescue MDs at (847) 461-3282 to start the expert data recovery process!

Types of failures we have recovered:

  • Liquid damage – lake, ocean, pool, toilet
  • Physical damage – crushed, run over, stepped on, dropped
  • Dead and unresponsive devices due to electrical failure or other phenomenon
  • Firmware corruption (e.g., “Error 14” boot loop to Apple logo)
  • Natural disasters such as fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake

Recovery Process for Newer Mobile Devices

For newer iOS and Android devices that are damaged or “dead” and for which the unlock passcode is known, our data recovery team is very successful in recovering data using our logic-board based recovery process to then decrypt your data using the correct passcode you provided. Our team is also very successful in recovering data from iPhones manifesting the Apple logo boot loop problem known as “error 14.”

Recovery of Older Mobile Devices (chip-off)

If you hope to recover your photos and videos from an older Android device such as a HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S6, S5 and earlier, a Microsoft Lumia and so on – even if passcode locked, damaged or dead, our data recovery engineers may be able to recover your data using our proven chip-off recovery process as we have for many others with a high rate of success.

Older smartphone architectures used a more relaxed security architecture that left the data stored in the eMMC or UFS storage device unencrypted, even when the phone was passcode locked. Photos and videos from those older smartphones can usually be recovered with our chip-off recovery process in which the ball grid array (BGA) storage device is cautiously removed under the careful application of heat in a controlled environment, prepared for data recovery decoding by a process referred to as BGA reballing and then decoded with specialized tools and techniques.

Unrecoverable Scenarios

There are a small number of unrecoverable cases for newer mobile devices:

  • Newer iOS and Android devices that are locked and or damaged and the passcode is unknown
  • Devices that have been Factory Reset are unrecoverable because the data has been erased
  • Fractures, electrical, or heat damage to the eMMC or UFS storage device

Success Rate

In most cases, our data recovery engineers are successful in recovering client data and we work relentlessly, even in the most severe cases, until either your data is recovered or the device is determined to be unrecoverable. If your mobile device data is recoverable, Data Rescue MDs will recover it!



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    RAID Server/NAS

    Data Rescue MDs specializes in recovery of critical business data and VMs from RAID/NAS and Drobo data storage systems using state-of-the-art equipment, processes and expertise.

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    Hard Drives

    Our data recovery specialists are fully equipped to recover data from any type of internal or external hard drive, including damaged hard drives requiring clean room services.

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    Solid State Drives

    Data Rescue MDs SSD data recovery engineers use specialized tools, techniques and expertise to accomplish high SSD data recovery
    success rates.

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    Data Rescue MDs have been successfully recovering data from failed iMACS, PCs and all file systems for over a decade.

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    USB Flash/SD Cards

    We recover data and photos from most SD, micro-SD, XQD CF Cards and USB Flash Drives using micro soldering and specialized tools.

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    Mobile Devices

    Our engineers are very successful in recovering data from all types of liquid damaged and physically damaged mobile devices.

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They are miracle workers in my book and I would gladly recommend them to anyone facing data loss. My iPad was damaged by a leaking water bottle in a backpack. It was dead. So much critical data was lost; thousands of photos, videos, journal entries and memories were gone. A certified Apple repair specialist and a data forensics specialist were unsuccessful. I shipped it 1500 miles to Data Rescue MDs who was able to recover everything!

Caleb W.

Knowledgeable, able to explain options and results clearly instead of in tech speak, fair pricing, and responsive. What else do you want in a company?

John W.