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What to Do When Experiencing a RAID Failure

STOP! All RAID systems are subject to data loss due to hardware failures that exceed the array’s built-in redundancy. Corruption can also occur and misconfiguration issues are relatively common. When experiencing a RAID system failure, stop immediately, shut down the system and call Data Rescue MDs to insure the highest probability of recovering your critical data.

ALWAYS AVOID these actions when your device fails:

  • Rebuild or Reset the RAID – This destroys critical RAID metadata rendering your data unrecoverable
  • Re-insert and force online RAID members
  • Install a new controller card and “try to bring up the storage system”
  • Try to repair the file system by running chkdsk or fsck
  • Read from failing drives with SMART errors or bad sectors
  • Run software-based recovery programs

Performing any of these actions will cause damage to the data, RAID meta-data, destroy redundancy, damage file systems, and irreversibly damage the drives and make your data unrecoverable. Call Data Rescue MDs at (847) 461-3282 to start data recovery process!

Expert RAID Data Recovery Services

The certified data recovery engineers at Data Rescue MDs recover data from all RAID configurations. No matter what type of array, we treat each case as a priority and are very successful in RAID data recovery services.

A RAID system uses multiple disks to increase storage capacity and, for most RAID levels, adds redundancy when faced with a single drive failure in the storage system. Information is stored in different places on multiple hard drives, which gives it fault tolerance to survive one or more disk failures. Individuals and businesses gravitate toward this technology, as they believe it is the safest way to store their critical files.

Unfortunately, RAID storage is still susceptible to data loss. The distribution method of data across the disks and mechanical nature of HDDs and SSDs make them vulnerable to failure. In some cases, their resiliency works against them as one failed disk may go undetected before the rest of the disks begin to fail.

Data Rescue MDs performs secure in-lab recovery of all brands of SAN and NAS appliances, for example:

  • Apple
  • Asustor
  • Buffalo
  • Dell EMC
  • Drobo
  • EMC
  • HP / HPE
  • IBM
  • LaCie
  • LenovoEMC
  • Microsoft WSS
  • NetApp
  • Netgear
  • Promise
  • QNAP
  • Synology
  • TerraMaster
  • VMWare VSA
  • Western Digital
  • And others, including improvised RAID configurations.

Whether your configured RAID level is JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, RAID 0+1, RAID 50 on a well known NAS or SAN appliance or an improvised RAID setup you put together yourself, we can recovery your data. It matters little whether the partition type is MBR, GPT, LDM, Apple partition map, Mid-raid, LVM, BTRFS, VMS 5, Storage Spaces, Drobo FS/5N/5D, Apple Fusion or ZFS or whether the file system on which your data is stored is NTFS, ReFS, HFS, HFS+ (OS X), APFS, EXT2, 3, 4, XFS, UFS, BTRFS, VMFS, or ZFS, we have recovered them in our lab. Are you hoping to recover one or more Virtual Machines (VMs)? We specialize in VM recovery (e.g., Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, Parallels, Boot Camp, Oracle VM Virtual Box, QEMU, Windows Virtual PC, etc.).

Our RAID data recovery experts are HIPAA certified for secure handling of mission-critical data and our lab includes our own ISO compliant cleanroom environment to provide the best possible outcomes for the most complex and demanding recoveries.

Advantages to our recovery services

  • More than a decade of RAID data recovery expertise
  • Dedicated RAID recovery lab environment
  • Fast turnaround with 24/7 expedited emergency services available and expedited shipping
  • If unrecoverable, all fees are waived

RAID Recovery Process

Our secure recovery process begins with a free evaluation of your RAID (HDD/SSD) drives. Our engineers are equipped to perform entropy analysis, parity analysis, content and content age analysis to determine or confirm RAID level when analyzing the RAID and file system metadata for the best possible outcome.

After you approve our quote, our engineers will recover the damaged or missing RAID members, and perform logical RAID reassembly, extract the file system and or virtual machines (VMs) or databases (SQL, Exchange, Oracle, etc.). After extraction, your recovered mission critical data is transferred to one or more secure storage devices, securely packed and shipped back to you or made available for pickup for our local clients.



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    RAID Server/NAS

    Data Rescue MDs specializes in recovery of critical business data and VMs from RAID/NAS and Drobo data storage systems using state-of-the-art equipment, processes and expertise.

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  • services-red-icon-hard-drives

    Hard Drives

    Our data recovery specialists are fully equipped to recover data from any type of internal or external hard drive, including damaged hard drives requiring clean room services.

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  • services-icon-red-solid-state-drives

    Solid State Drives

    Data Rescue MDs SSD data recovery engineers use specialized tools, techniques and expertise to accomplish high SSD data recovery
    success rates.

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    Data Rescue MDs have been successfully recovering data from failed iMACS, PCs and all file systems for over a decade.

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    USB Flash/SD Cards

    We recover data and photos from most SD, micro-SD, XQD CF Cards and USB Flash Drives using micro soldering and specialized tools.

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    Mobile Devices

    Our engineers are very successful in recovering data from all types of liquid damaged and physically damaged mobile devices.

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I am a photographer with a large network of other photographers and have recommended Data Rescue MDs for years. Not until this year, did I need to use their services for a crashed RAID system. Data Rescue MDs was able to recover the data; turnaround time was exceptional, communication was quick and professional. I will continue to recommend them to others who make the mistake of keeping only one copy of their data or presuming the RAID server can’t fail!

Jen C.

Another successful data recovery for Data Rescue MDs! As an IT consultant I have depended on Data Rescue for several years, always with great success. Clients’ data has always been recovered quickly, and economically. They are easy to work with during the stressful times!

Sharon M.
IT Consultant